Mobile Operators Will Rise Again

Tier 1 operators

Tier 1 operators worldwide partner with us to provide subscription-based, mobile device management and location services to millions of customers.

Table Stakes

Mobile operators can’t survive on voice and data.
They need services that turn phones into protection for the people subscribers care about the most—their family.



Customers trust and will pay for operator-branded essential services, turning operators from voice and data providers into valued mobile personal safety and security innovators.



Customers who have the opportunity to obtain essential services from operators are more invested, more satisfied with their overall experience and remain loyal longer.


Addressable Market

Customers will add lines if assured that operators will provide the tools necessary to make phones safe and appropriate for everyone, especially kids.

Mobile Operator Superpowers

Operators are best equipped to deliver services subscribers consider essential. We develop apps that turn those advantages into unparalleled experiences for customers and the next billion-dollar business for operators.


CDR & Location

Only operator services can access call detail record and location information from the network, for rich customer experiences no over-the-top app provider can replicate.


Billing & CRM

Only operator services are integrated with customers’ billing and account information, for easy purchase, installation and provisioning on every phone on an account-holder’s plan.



Only operator services have massive, multi-channel distribution opportunities built right in, in
store, in mobile and through customer communications, to market with ease.

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